Two-wheel electric vehicle fire: Ola feels the heat and drops to 4th place in the records

It had to happen. Ola Electric, whose vehicles were caught up in the unfortunate fire incidents that also affected many other brands of electric two-wheelers, is now feeling the backlash. The company, which has earned a bad reputation on social media for blaming the various problems that dog it, is now under real real pressure as new registrations for its vehicles are dropping.

According to VAHAN data, as of June 30, 2022, Ola Electric had 5,869 EV registrations — a sharp drop from the previous month’s registrations of 9,225 units of its S1 Pro electric scooter. Ola Electric was the top EV player in the country in April, and since then has seen its position continually drop.

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(Image credit: Future / Jitendra Soni)

That its numbers have dropped alarmingly in a month, when it triggered some typical PR exercise, an event to release its long-delayed MoveOS 2.0 software update for its S1 Pro e-scooter, should worry Ola Electric. He tried to earn some brownie points from the media by strategically spreading information that he was ready to launch an electric car. While it didn’t give specifics on the potential outlet, the timing of the reveal clearly suggested that the company was trying to shift the focus of the criticism it was receiving from the public and media on not just fire incidents, but problems as well. low range, no charging, range drops, scooter refusing to start, sudden reverse, uncontrolled horn, etc. The continued drop in registration for two consecutive months should send the message to the company that the front will no longer work and it should start tackling the issues with real seriousness.

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